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All of our items are guaranteed authentic or your money back. We use the best technology and authentication services in the industry to authenticate every item.

  1. ENTRUPY. Entrupy is a microscopic device that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to authenticate select luxury branded handbags and accessories. As an Entrupy verified seller, they have entrusted us with their device. With this device, we submit images of logos, materials, leathers, and hardware. The algorithms judge images against a database of millions of other images to determine if the item is authentic. This allows us to have almost instant results. The best part is, Entrupy is so confident in the technology, all items are backed with a financial guarantee.
  2. REAL AUTHENTICATION. When Entrupy is not used we turn to Real Authentication to review our new arrivals. Photos are sent in for review by two expert luxury authenticators who authenticate your items and provide us with a certification of authenticity which will be provided with your purchase.
  3. PRO AUTHENTICATORS. ProAuthenticators is another company we use for authentication of our Louis Vuitton pieces. They only authenticate Louis Vuitton and are considered the go-to authenticators for Louis Vuitton. Just like with Real Authentication images of the items we receive are sent in to a live authenticator who will then review and/or request more images before authenticating. And as the others a certification is provided upon authentication.