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About Me

Hello and thank you so much for being here! My name is Laura Adney, and I am the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog, Have Need Want. When I came up with the name Have Need Want for my blog years ago, I was thinking to the future and where I saw myself going with my blog and future career path. I always wanted to be in the fashion industry and having a fashion blog seemed like the best way in for me, but I loved the idea of owning my own boutique. The more I thought about it, my passion for high end designers drew me more towards consignment. The name Have Need Want lends itself so nicely to being a resale/consignment business. You have pieces you are looking to sell or consign, I have the pieces you need and want, and if you want something I don’t have in stock, I will procure it for you! So here I am launching my luxury resale business, Have Need Want Luxury, a subsidiary of my blog.

More about me personally, I am a mom to two amazing boys, Mason and Cooper. I am a fire and military wife. My husband and I met in high school and started dating in college. He truly is my best friend and perfect partner in life, supporting me in all my endeavors.